Mariska Karto is a fine art photographer born in Suriname, South-America, and raised in the Netherlands.

Her work dances on the border between reality and dream, between photography and the art of classical painting. The ethereal female figures she creates are truly sublime and arguably reside in a class of their own.

“Although I use the paintings of centuries ago as an inspiration, its important for me to feel and understand the things I create within me, in my own world, in my universe. I want the work to be a part of me, only than its pure and original connected with myself…I do not look at the big picture, I see details. I see skin, hair, perspective, shapes. But I do not only see, I also feel…I feel sadness, vulnerability, sensuality, escape.”

Karto has gained several awards including gold in the Trierenberg Super Circuit for “Emotions”, and silver for “Intense” in the International Loupe Awards.

All images © Mariska Karto