I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself when first seeing Colaws series “Face Down”.

As an art nude series it delivers exactly what’s stated on the tin – numerous shots of her own naked figure, depicted mainly in outdoor locations, lying literally face down on the ground. From old farm feeding pens, to gas station forecourts, to woodland, take your pick and in each you’ll find her incongruously placed naked “dead body”.

The simplicity of each capture is very honest. No clearly evident flash, no props, no epic sunrise, no golden moments to wait for. Despite the possible initial humorous impulse, the overwhelming statement throughout is one of vulnerability.

Go check out Colaws work first hand in her another gallery “Original Sin”. This features her own intimately exposed figure once again, but this time showing much more athleticism than the “dead body” approach, if that still makes any sense…

As a parting note, similar self portrait nudes have been produced by Miru Kim.


All images © Catherin Colaw

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