Jan Saudek

Born May 13th 1935, Jan Saudek is a Czech art photographer and painter that is renowned for his hand tinted nude and erotic photographs.

He uses traditional films and papers to make images that are often more like paintings than photographs. Visually arresting sexuality shouts form his plethora of images depicting oral sex, spanking, corporal chastisement and freshly reddened breasts. He boldly features the young, the old, the pregnant, the skinny, and more often than not the true voluptuous female figue that is so often marginalised.

“The human body turns me on; women’s most of all, but I am sort of a shy guy, cowardly, which was always the biggest obstacle to my work. My childhood and youth were hapless, but now, when I’m over 70, I’m absolutely happy.”


All images © Jan Saudek