Karina Marandjian
Karina Marandjian

Karina Marandjian




Karina Marandjian from Moscow, Russia, is known for the photo-manipulation of humanoid figures. These are often bloody, mainly androgynous, and above all disturbingly surreal. Her staple adornment for these subjects are nail puncture wounds, moths, cords, bandages and fabric, complete with orifices seeping blood. Principally depicting nudes, the presentations are often high key, or otherwise exhibit rich, lush colours against which the subjects pale skin abruptly jars.

Publishing under the name Daunhaus her images share a chord with that of other surreal artists such as Daria Endresen, Max Sauco and Oleg Dou. Despite the similarities, these other artists focus rather less on blood and gore, which is either better or worse, depending on your personal taste.


All images © Karina Marandjian