Thomas Holm on Art Nude Today

Thomas Holm

Thomas Holm on Art Nude Today
Thomas Holm on Art Nude Today

Thomas Holm is an accomplished and very personable Danish photographer based near Copenhagen.

Starting at the tender age of 13 he was immediately hooked by photography and the darkroom process. In due course a 4 year photographic apprenticeship was followed by some 15 years independent work under various photographers and his own commercial advertising company.

Several years were then spent as a colour management consultant, during which time he ceased creating his own images. After this hiatus he returned to what he enjoyed most – portraiture, landscapes and the art nude.

The website of Thomas is a joy to read and includes many articles describing his love of the female form, with it’s grace, power and seduction. He clearly relishes the challenge and reward of working in a minimalistic way, using natural light when available, and adapting on the fly to the unique opportunities gifted by each model and location.

Working with dancers is a particular favourite and he describes the deep emotion they can express through their unique understanding of posture and movement.

Galleries, workshops, exquisite print and book sales, plus personal musings are all available on his website Commando Art.


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