Harry Fayt on Art Nude Today

Harry Fayt

Harry Fayt on Art Nude Today

Harry Fayt is a Belgian photographer, born in 1979.

In his early years an enrolment at “Félicien Rops” Technical Institute in Namur fuelled  his hopes to be a fashion photographer.

However, after graduating in 1998, Harry then became a heavy metal band photographer, covering Placebo, Robbie Williams, Nicola Testa, Kid Noize and Typh Barrow.

In 2006, he opened a portrait studio in Liège, Belgium. Three years later, after having invested in specialised underwater photo material, he took his first swimming babies’ shots.

Melding his photographic passion with a long term fascination with water, Harry became an underwater fashion photographer. As well as shooting etherial underwater nudes he’s also become well known for producing striking underwater images for the fashion and music industry. Sets have become increasingly complex, reproducing fully submerged rooms with props such as mirrors, house plants, pianos, and even depicting complete restaurant scenes.

Harry latest work is a surrealist underwater series called Modern Icons, reminiscent of the Three Graces and other iconic works.

Check his website for more information, original print sales, and for his book entitled “Rebirth”.


All images © Harry Fayt

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